News: Lalala Napoli at WOMEX !
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Why la Curieuse * ?

Because the artists gathered here are not alike.
Because they all offer very singular universes.
Because they defend, with exigency, artistic objects, which basically speak of the same thing — the desire for meetings, experiments, attempts.
It is for these reasons that we wished to invite all these curious characters to the same table.
And there will be something for everyone…

* la Curieuse = the Curious

La Curieuse playlist

apr. 07-09

Compagnie Haut les Mains

Quai des Arts – Rumilly (74)

apr. 11

Lalala Napoli

Le Cause Toujours – Valence (26)
hors Curieuse

apr. 15

Compagnie Haut les Mains