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An Pagay

Crunch Maloya

Line up

Luc Moindranzé Karioudja
voice & compositions
Margaux Delatour
Cindy Pooch
Léo Dumont
Wendlavim Zabsonre
Damien Cluzel
Romain Dugelay
sax alto, arrangements and artistic direction


Thibault Gléréan
+33(0)6 60 68 26 08


• DRAC Auvergne Rhône-Alpes
• Centre National de la Musique
• Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes
• Spedidam
• Périscope – Lyon (FR)
•Abattoirs SMAC – Bourgoin-Jallieu (FR)

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Production - Cie 4000

An’ Pagay proposes a joyful and puzzling reinterpretation of the Indian Ocean's creole music.

An’Pagay’s idea is born in the incubator of the classy Bongo Joe label, during the recording of a birthday compilation. A lucky star destined to guide this adventurous team in undiscovered waters, those of the Indian Ocean and of the musical traditions from the Mascarene Islands… A very hot air flow went rapidly through Pixvae’s “colombian crunch” and the creole energies from Reunion and Mauritius islands.

Romain Dugelay invited Luc Moindranzé for this very occasion, then a burning alloy was created by these musicians from two bands at the crossroads of many lands: Pixvae and Ti’Kaniki. The power trio named Kouma (from the first team) pushes forward its original instrumentation. If the metronomic and solar Léo Dumont sticks to his drum set, Damien Cluzel is practicing his science of timing on bigger strings, which are yet still as sensitive. Romain Dugelay goes one step up with the alto sax and heaps of electronic additives… Margaux Delatour’s voice is another tie between the two bands, since she offers calls and responses with Pixvae but also with Cindy Pooch in the Ti’Kaniki project. To make the table larger, the free electron Wendlavim Zabsonre (from Supergombo…) comes as a second spicy drummer.

A new family is born ! And we can’t wait to be invited to their gatherings…

Inventor of new traditions forged by his experience of the modern music, Romain Dugelay keeps explorating the territories of modernity with the help of fiery traditions. If the tumultuous stream of colonisation and globalisation bears dumpers of horror and violence, this explosive composer knows how to extract shiny nuggets from it. With An’Pagay and Pixvae, he leads the contemporary afro-atlantic gold rush ! If we add up his stylistic discoveries from Kouma’s metal/noise and Polymorphie ensemble’s lyric poetry, we tell ourselves that crossbreeding is more than a virtue, it’s a matter of life !

© Amaury Rullière


Teaser 2022
Live session - Kozé 2021


Somin Tegor


Released on June 24, 2022.

Line Up
Luc Moindranzé Karioudja : lead vocal & compositions
Margaux Delatour : back vocal
Cindy Pooch : back vocal
Léo Dumont : drums
Wendlavim Zabsonre : drums
Damien Cluzel : bass
Romain Dugelay : alto sax, arrangements & artistic direction

All songs composed by Luc Moindranzé Karioudja & Romain Dugelay
Artistic director : Romain Dugelay
Recorded and mixed by Julien Jussey @ studio la Ciergerie / Villeurbanne
Mastering by Timothy Stollenwerk
Co-produced by Julien Jussey, Lucas Garnier and Romain Dugelay
Artwork : Ramataupia

Somin Tegor

1. Koze
2. An’ Pagay
3. Somin Tegor
4. Bato
5. Salegue
6. Zarboutan
7. Badinaz

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Recording & mix
Julien Jussey – Studio la Ciergerie in Villeurbanne (fr)
Timothy Stollenwerk
Compagnie 4000
Julien Jussey, Lucas Garnier & Romain Dugelay