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Douar Trio

Oriental jazz


Rabah Hamrene Oud
Pierre Lordet Bass clarinet
Florent Hermet Double-bass


Christine Carraz
+33(0)6 20 32 63 69

Oud, bass clarinet & double-bass

DOUAR [dwa:R]: The village in Arabic, earth in Breton.
Like this word which can be used in two languages, DOUAR trio draws his inspiration from the traditional music to create a modern, aerial and Oriental-jazz like we can forge links between culture and human beings. This is a deeply acoustic music, without artifice, in which the richness of the instruments’ tone can be revealed as well as sounds made by air and wood can be together.

Next dates
feb. 11
apr. 17

Centre culturel – Chabeuil (26)


Tu marches
Live - Jazz Contreband Festival - Yverdon-les-Bains (CH)


Douar trio


First EP by Douar trio recorded in november 2015.
Composed by Florent Hermet & Pierre Lordet.

Douar trio

1. Aurore
2. Au bled !
3. Un long voyage
4. Mes bras sont vides
5. Léo
6. Gnawa
7. Hopi
8. Wadi rum



Recorded & mixed by Vincent Travaglini
Artwork Aurélie Croissant