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François Castiello

Song & accordion


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An intimate journey with the singer and the accordionist of Bratsch and Lalala Napoli.

” The solo came to me a few years ago when I felt my loneliness and its resonance in all of us. So I started to let my accordion and my voice tell of the stories and encounters and to share those moments with everyone in the audience. And I realized that by telling one story we hear a hundred more. And here I am, solo, dressing the space like a fashion designer of silence. I love it! ”

” To be open, never have a style that is held too firmly. Just listen ”

François Castiello presents his universe in his solo as an invitation to travel without borders – a breath to discover and to share.

Last dates
july 17 2022

Festival Les Dimanches de l’le Barbe – Lyon (69)

feb. 12 2022

Festival Curieuses Rencontres – Châteaudouble (26)
18h30 – Salle des fêtes


Yorgos - Live vidéo - February 2022
Boroto - Live vidéo - February 2022


Soli solo

Re-release 2017

” Most of the songs from these two albums have been with me for years. They represent the universe that was gradually built with my accordion. Nothing is more precious than those journeymen who, following the inspiration of the moment, take on colors and forms that shape other landscapes. Alone, with my voice and my accordion, I feel like a ‘dressmaker of silence.’  Weave a light veil and in a movement of the scissors – a cry – tear the space and put it in motion. ”

François Castiello, July 2017

Double album
Solo 1 (2001)
1. Epistrophy  2. Montagnes russes  3. Libertitude  4. Straight no chaser  5. Victor’s doina
6. Boroto  7. Off minor  8. A bout de valse  9. Souvenirs  10. Visions  11. Je siffle  12. Montagnes russes 2

Solo 2 (2008)
1.  Flamenco Valse  2. Fratelli  3. L’autre Roumaine  4. Free Teteli  5. Panonica
6. C’est Maintenant  7. L’Idole Defunte  8. Boroto  9. Nexone  10. Silence  11. Nous Chantons

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Solo 1 :
Recording Studio “chez moi”, Fontenay-sous-Bois
Mixed by Gilles Arrachard & Samuel Babouillard, Studio Artdam

Solo 2 :
Recording and mixing at Studio Multicrea
Sound engineer & Artistic adviser Philippe Kadosh

Illustration Yannis Frier / Atelier Hurf