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La Mòssa

Polyphonies and percussions

Line up

Emmanuelle Ader
Sara Giommetti
Aude Marchand
& Lilia Ruocco
vocals and percussions
Charles Mathieu & Clément Innocenti sound
Marc Ginot photos


Thibault Gléréan
+33 (0)6 60 68 26 08


• Centre Culturel de Chaillol (F)
• • Centre International des Musique Nomades – Grenoble (F)
• K’Fé Quoi – Forcalquier (F)
• Bouillon Cube / La Grange – Causse de la Selle (F)
• Phare à Lucioles / Le M![lieu] – Sault (F)

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La Mòssa is a perpetual movement, a polyphonic and percussive whirlwind.


In La Mòssa, a story of constant motion and development, an ensemble of four artists is determined to blend their sonorities and rhythms to shake some stereotypes. After drawing from sources of traditional repertoires to polish a jewel of a first album, they take us now on a new exciting journey. By creating a set of new compositions, well-anchored in today’s world, these four women take harsh aim at the apparent naïveté of rhythms and melodies coming from secular traditions.

In 2019, the heart of their album “a moss!” throbbed with ancient traditional songs that they offered to us in new original variations. They were already brewing languages, cultures and emotions from old stories through the embodiment of their own living energies. In 2023, these citizens-artists-of-the-world return with a new opus that departs from their original inspiration linked to traditional songs, to connect further out into today’s world.

La Mòssa improves more and more the interactions between the sonority and the meaning of words. Through this new repertoire, mainly composed by its members, the group puts a new stamp on its history… Each one of them takes part in a great musical feast: delicate, engaged and feverish all at once. You will find there flavors from places where populations mingle: southern Italy as the native land, the Reunion Island with its chili-candy words, Garcia Lorca’s poetic Spain, the loud shouts of Occitania from the south of France… Three covers mix into this new set; hybrid reinterpretations coming from Sweden, Venezuela and Apulia.

Emmanuelle Ader, Sara Giommetti, Aude Marchand and Lilia Ruocco: four different personalities determined to free themselves from genre codes and conventionalities, drawing as much on their inner freedom as from their individual influences and singularities. In search of rougher sounds, they forcefully summon percussion, which becomes a sixth voice and adds depth to the ensemble. Several artistic residencies have made it possible to further develop the synergy of these songs with the use of polyrhythmic playing… The intertwining of human and instrumental sonorities has gradually made its way into this new opus, thus reinforcing the powerful alchemy of La Mòssa on stage.

Between fall of 2022 and summer of 2023, a whole new galaxy enriches these already fertile times for La Mòssa. The aura of the group goes even further beyond the field of traditional music and anchors more broadly in that of modern sounds by adding images to their evocative power. More specifically, they participated in the soundtrack of Kim Chapiron’s next feature film, as well as in the creation of a videoclip with Armel Hostiou (Fantazio, Babx, Bertand Belin…) and live videos produced by the frontierless director Vincent Moon (The Blogotheque, The TakeAway Concerts and the filming of holy rituals all over the world).
La Mòssa is always in motion !
© French text : Amaury Rullière – English translation : Brian Watt


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Ludivine Sagnier, a famous french actress, speaks about « Sereia »by La Mòssa
(…) These woman can do anything, a Stradivarius’ army (…)
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a moss' !


Release : September 20, 2019

vocals & percussions :
Lilia Ruocco, Emmanuelle Ader, Sara Giommetti, Gabrielle Gonin & Aude Marchand
Guest : Marco Lacaille : percussions on Laviyon, pandeiro and snare drum on Dona Mariquinha and Sereia

Recorded at the Purple Sheep Studio ( Saint Genis l’Argentière – FR).
For this album, La Mòssa received the financial support of «La Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes», «l’Adami – La culture avec la copie privée», «la SCPP», «le FCM».


1. Dona Mariquinha
2. Sedenki
3. Käppee
4. Sur la colline
5. Janinës çi panë sytë
6. Dulaman
7. Sereia / Pisa na roseirinha
8. Nature Boy
9. Laviyon
10. Balderrama
11. All’ arie all’ arie
12. La mòrt caçaira
13. Tarentella pé sbarià

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Production la Curieuse
Distribued by l’Autre Distribution
Mastering Guillaume Toullec
Mix Célio Ménard, Charles Mathieu
Recording Célio Ménard, Mathieu Gaud, Charles Mathieu, Guillaume Toullec at Purple Sheep Studio. Feb – March 2019
Artwork Esther Marlot