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Harp & Guitare duel


Mélanie Virot
harp, vocal
Maël Salètes
guitare, vocal
Sébastien Guichard
(La Fraise) 
Jean-Christophe Cochard


Thibault Gléréan
+33 (0)6 60 68 26 08

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Neither rock, world or folk, the sound of L’Etrangleuse has built bridges. Harp and guitar : a makeshift alliance, creative constraints and a constant challenge.

Maël Salètes and Mélanie Virot were doing pretty much the same thing when they met. They plucked strings. Not the same ones and also differently. She has played the harp since she was eight years old, the classic path, conservatory, chamber music. He first twanged an electric guitar with the grunge rock band, MacZde Carpate, followed by a few others, including Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp.

Here they are in the summer of 2008, each at a loose end, looking for the unusual. A sound. Harp and guitar together, both electrified. They had to try, fumble, develop. The combination wasn’t a sure thing. L’Étrangleuse (a name found at the last minute before the first gig) invented its material. With new ideas about the distribution of roles. Known to be soft and crystalline, Melanie Virot’s harp can be incisive, abrasive or dissonant. And Mäel Salètes’ guitar inversely takes a position that is less punk, more towards the African trance of Malian & Mandingo music.

New album: beginning of 2019 – Available on tour from Autumn 2018

Next dates
may 02

Chez Lulu – Saint-Etienne (42)

may 04

Médiatheque – Neuville-sur-Saône (69)

may 09

Le Moloco – Audincourt (25)

may 30

Festival D’olt – Le Bleymard (48)


Doesn't matter
Then I try
Drifting around


Promenade / Parasol


New songs by L’Etrangleuse with two invited singers Rachael Dadd and Gabi Kenderessi. Include download of the digital bonus track innocent.

Mélanie Virot harp
Maël Saletes guitare
Rachael Dadd vocal
Gabi Kenderesi vocal
John Parish drums, shaker

Promenade / Parasol

Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl
Face A : Promenade
Face B : Parasol

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Promenade :

Production John Parish
Label Les Disques de Plomb
Recorded and mixed by  John Paris & Ali Chant
Toy Box Studios in Bristol, 2015

Parasol :
Recorded and mixed by
Fred “Brain” Monestier
La Bobine, Grenoble (FR), 2011

Memories to come


In testing their singular edifice in the crucible of the stage, the duo has forged an expertise whose limits are stretched by this new album ‘Memories To Come’. Advancing along the same tightrope, succeeding, mastering and venturing further. All of which was guided by the ear of the English producer John Parish (PJ Harvey, Eels, Dominique A, among others).

Mélanie Virot harp, vocal
Maël Saletes guitare, vocal, jeli n’goni
G.W. Sok vocal on « Caged Bird »
John Parish drums, bongos, bass, piano, tambourin, synth on 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Memories to come

1. Do I
2. The I try
3. Noise / Silence
4. Doesn’t Matter
5. Coincidence
6. L’un languit
7. Drifting around
8. Ed
9. Who we are
10. Caged bird

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Production la Curieuse
John Parish
Labels Les Disques de Plomb
Red Wig
Distribution l’Autre Distribution
Recorded by Ali Chant
Mixed by John Parish & Ali Chant
Toy box Studios in Bristol
Mastered by John Parish & Shawn Joseph (Optimum Mastering Bristol)


Self titled


Mélanie Virot harp, vocal
Maël Saletes guitare, vocal
Aymeric Krol calebasse on 2, 3, 4, 10, 12
G.W. Sok vocal on « Dead bodies under christmas trees » and « Writer’s Blog »

Self titled

1. (…)
2. All the things
3. Dear
4. Meeting withe the Kankouran
5. Janvier
6. Kasyak Lubvie
7. Television
8. Writer’s blog
9. Dead bodies under christmas trees
10. Corner of the eyes
11. Collision time
12. If I crawl

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Production & label Undergrouille, Les Disques de Plomb
Recorded and mixed by Brain
Mastered by Matthieu Monnot
(Eyemat Mastering Studio Lyon)