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Colombian crunch

Line up

Jennyfer «Xiomara» Torres
vocals & guasà
Israel Quinones
vocals & guasà
Damien Cluzel
Romain Dugelay
sax & keyboards
Juan Carlos Arrechea
Léo Dumont

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TiB Gléréan (France)
+33(0)6 60 68 26 08

Jerome Williams
Earthbeat (EUROPE)


• DRAC Auvergne Rhône-Alpes
• Centre National de la Musique
• Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes
• Spedidam
• Le Brise Glace – Annecy (FR)
• Périscope – Lyon (FR)

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Production - Cie 4000

Pixvae keeps evolving during its constant research of balance between the festive essence of currulao, this afro-colombian traditional music, and the wicks lit by the pioneering researchers of Lyon’s musical underground. The code name of this off-road adventure is « Oì Vé » a new album which will be released on March 2023.

At the traffic jam of Africa, Atlantic and Pacific’s crossroad, the head-chief switchman is once again named Romain Dugelay. From the origins of this trans-continental odyssey, he composes maps, couples territories and offers new perspectives. Faithful to the ongoing hybridization tradition of the music from the black meta-continent, he articulates this new repertoire with a focus on the Marimba de Chonta, central instrument of currulao.

With his longstanding partners (Léo Dumont on drums & Damien Cluzel on guitar) from the Kouma power trio, Romain Dugelay’s saxophones and keys meet up with the Juan Carlos Arrechea’s marimba, fundamental encounter during the 2017 « Kaixu » tour, and with Israël Quinones, who appeared in 2019 on « Cali ». The first named is brought to push rhythmics and sounds of his instrument to the boundaries of jazz and rock. The second one adds his voice to the cantadore : Jennifer « Xiomora » Torres who just turns up in the venture. These last three are the basis of melodic works with the proposal of original lyrics, for a modern rereading of topics stem from currulao.

Press :

“A deliciously gritty group sound” Trouw
“Pixvae’s music oozes with self-confidence”
“There isn’t a better way to start the day, than with the debut album of Pixvae […] the energy that bursts out of it is irresistible.” Cultureel Persbureau
“Discovery of the year” Jazz News
“Album of the week” Popmagazine Heaven
“Pixvae have taken […] sturdy foundations and built a roughhouse, jazz-inflected art rock on them, blocking in marimba patterns with fierce guitar, replacing the bodily throb of cununo and bomba with shocked out trap drums.” The Wire


Next dates
july 27 2024

L’Autruche Volante – Bonac-Irazein (09)

july 29-30 2024

Festival ******* – Lyon (69)


Oí Vé - clip (2023)
Cali / Sombrerito - 2019
Veni Adorar - live session 2019
El Curruco - 1st album recording session 2016


Oì Vé


Released : March 17, 2023

“Pixvae releases “Oì Vé”, a supercharged cocktail that sounds like an invitation to a festive and mystic trip between Cali and Lyon. The magical formula stays the same: the blast of Colombian currulao with an alloy mined from the depths of rock and jazz. However “Oì Vé” marks an evolution within this unfettered reinterpretation of this afro-colombian traditional music.

This new repertoire revolves around the Marimba de Chonta, central instrument of currulao. The original French team, with the power trio Kouma and the vocal power of Margaux Delatour, gets back with joy to the Colombian accomplices Juan Carlos Arrechea (marimba and percussions), Israël Quinones (percussions and vocals) et Jennifer “Xiomora” Torres (vocals).

This subtle and powerful combination grows even larger with original compositions and lyrics that provide a new dimension to the initial energy of the band, which initially comes from traditional repertoire… Pixvae remains an epic journey across borders!” Amaury Rullière

Line Up
Jennyfer “Xiomara” Torres : voice & guasà
Margaux Delatour : voice & guasà
Israël Quinones : voice & guasà
Damien Cluzel : guitar
Romain Dugelay : sax baryton
Juan Carlos Arrechea : percussions & marimba de chonta
Léo Dumont : drums

Tracks 1 and 8 composed by Margaux Delatour
Tracks 2, 4, 5 and 7 composed by Juan Carlos Arrechea
Tracks 3 and 6 are a traditional song from the colombian pacific coast
All tracks arranged by Romain Dugelay

Oì Vé

1. Las Pesadillas
2. Vengo
3. Aguacerito Llove part1
4. Vamos a Celebrar
5. Mamita
6. Aguacerito Llove part2
7. Oi Vé
8. El Agua del Rio

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Recording &  mix
Julien Jussey Studio La Ciergerie – Villeurbanne (FR)
Co-produced by
Romain Dugelay & Julien Jussey
Benoit Bel (CD & digital)
Timothy Stollenwerk (vinyl)



Released : April 4, 2019

“CALI” is the second album of the group Pixvae. It was recorded between Lyon and Cali (Colombia) in September and October 2019. On this occasion the five musicians of Pivxae invited eight Colombian musicians to record with them.

Line up
Alexandra Charry : lead vocal & choirs
Margaux Delatour : lead vocal & choirs
Damien Cluzel : guitar
Léo Dumont : drums
Romain Dugelay : baritone sax & keyboards

Laury Bonilla : lead vocal & guasá
Paola Ponce : choirs & guasá
Xiomara Torres : choirs & guasá
Ciro Silva : choirs
Israel Quinonez : lead vocal & choirs
Juan Carlos Arrechea : cununos & bombo
Duvan Diaz : cununos
Hugo Candelario : marimba de chonta

Compositions : Alexandra Charry, Hugo Candelario, Colombian Traditionals
Compostions & Arrangements : Romain Dugelay


01. Mi Sombrerito
02. Veni adorar
03. La balsada
04. Canto de lejos
05. Memorias
06. El currulao que me llama
07. Ronca canalete
08. Cancion del camino

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Production Bongo Joe Records (Vinyle) Buda Musique (CD)
Studios Jafar Studio (Lyon) / Dial Music (Cali)
Taken Julien Jussey (Lyon) & Lucas Garnier (Cali)
Mix Julien Jussey
Mastering Nicolas Mieral (CD & digital) & Timothy Stollenwerk (Vinyl)
Artwork Claire Rolland



Released : Novembre 4, 2016

Pixvae’s first album where the rock noise of the Kouma trio meets traditional Colombian music.

Line up
Alejandra Charry: vocals & guasà
Margaux Delatour: vocals & guasà
Jaime Salazar: vocals & percussion
Damien Cluzel: guitar
Léo Dumont: drums
Romain Dugelay: baritone sax & keyboards

Compositions : Jaime Salazar, Hugo Candelario & Colombian Traditionals
Compositions & Arrangements : Romain Dugelay


01. La Fuga
02. Este Niño Quiere
03. La Luna esta floreciendo
04. El Curruco
05. La Plegaria
06. Garcita Morena
07. Lancherito
08. El Nazareno

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Production Grolektif & Compagnie 4000
Recording & mix Julien Jussey @ Jafar Studio
Mastering Nicolas Mieral (CD & digital) / Christophe Chavanon @ Studio Kerwax (Vinyl)