News: Scuru Cauru – Crimi. New album 2023
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Scuru Cauru – Crimi. New album 2023

Scuru Cauru will be released on April 28, 2023 by Airfono.
Release party on March 11, 2023 – Opéra Underground (Opera of Lyon)
“The record opens with the gurgling of a coffee moka: it’s morning, and the hazy memories from the night before are just starting to come back into focus.“(…)
Be patient !

An’Pagay at Babel Music XP 2023

La Curieuse and Compagnie4000 are very happy to announce the presence of An’Pagay at the Babel Music XP 2023 in Marseille.
Showcase : March 23 at 10h30pm – Scène Sucre at Dock des Suds.

kemekem, Ukandanz’ album in January 2023 !

Release: January 27, 2023
Ukandanz is back with “kemekem”, a few months after the release of an instrumental album. The combo finds its voice back with the iconic singer Asnake Gebreyes, still gushing on millennial energies from his native Ethiopa.

For listening it, click HERE

Ukandanz joins la Curieuse on July 2022 !

Because we love novelties and incredible music of this band, we welcome Ukandanz in la Curieuse’s roster.
They will be on tour on December 2022 with a new album and a new line up !