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Soul di Sicilia


Julien Lesuisse
voice, saxophone, ewi
Cyril Moulas
Brice Berrerd
Damien Bernard
Julien Lamaze

photos Marion Bornaz


Thibault Gléréan
+33(0)6 60 68 26 08


Airfono Records


• Ateliers Médicis (Clichy)
• Plateau Urbain – Les Grandes Voisines (Francheville)
• Opéra Underground (Opéra de Lyon)


“Selection Trans musicales 2020”
“Artiste Découverte iNOUïS Rhône-Alpes” of the “Printemps de Bourges” 2020

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Scuru Cauru, new album in April 2023, meandering, enchanted songs inspired by Sicily’s rugged mountains and the backstreets of Palermo and Oran.

French four-piece Crimi are back with their second album Scuru Cauru which continues the band’s exploration of diasporic experiences, mediterranean cultures, and personal ghosts over 14 transportive, electrifying tracks.

Crimi was born in 2018 out of frontman Julien Lesuisse’s desire to rediscover his sicilian heritage, and to reclaim a culture and language that his immigrant family once felt forced to conceal.

Lesuisse has been active in the french music scene as a vocalist and sax player for over two decades, performing with dance party outfit Mazalda, and with algerian raï new wavers Cheb Lakhdar and Sofiane Saidi. It’s these unlikely sources, together with the ethio-jazz, funk, and soul backgrounds of guitarist Cyril Moulas, bassist Brice Berrerd, and drummer Bruno Duval, that come together in Crimi’s perfectly diasporic sound.

Drawing on their musical backgrounds and lived experiences, the band craft a visionary continuum that draws on traditions from different times and places, re-elaborating them for the blended, cross cultural world of the present. Through their syncretic groove, Crimi reimagine the Mediterranean as a place of meeting and exchange, as opposed to the theater of conflict and division it has become.

Megan Iacobini De Fazio


Le Monde – Patrick Labesse (may 2023)
“a wonderful second album, with an hypnotic and unique emotional power”

La Playlist de Djubaka (may 2023)
“Let the disc plays without any break, it’s like living a road movie which draws its qualities in an unknown “somewhere “”
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Nova – Bastien Stisi (april 2023)
“Scuru Cauru, the second album by Crimi, was released on April 28 under Airfono / 42 Records. We recommend it to you as warmly as we can recommend Palermo’s terraces on Spring.”
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Radio France / FIP – Guillaume Schnee (March 2023)
“Crimi electrifies its arabo-sicilian’s groove with “Notti Ruffiana”.
The french quartet of Julien Lesuisse keeps its imaginary trip up on Mediterranean banks with the album “Scuru Cauru” and signs a first popfunk song specifically made for dancefloors.”
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'A Sira - clip 2023
Live on Radio Nova / Néo Géo 2023
Chi ci talia? - video clip 2021


Scuru Cauru


French four-piece Crimi are back with their second album Scuru Cauru which continues the band’s exploration of diasporic experiences, mediterranean cultures, and personal ghosts over 14 transportive, electrifying tracks.

Julien Lesuisse : voice, saxophones, ewi, keyboards
Cyril Moulas : guitar
Brice Berrerd : guitar bass
Bruno Duval : drums

Composition and lyrics : Julien Lesuisse except “Lu focu di la Paglia”

Scuru Cauru

1. ‘Nta L’auto
2. Stiddi!
3. ‘A Sira
4. Lu Mumentu
5. Notti Ruffiana
6. Luci Darrè
7. Limbo
8. ‘Nt’ ‘a Fiat Uno
9. Giannina
10. ‘U Cantu Scuru
11. Arsira
12. Dumani
13. Saitta pi Saitta
14. Lu Focu di la Paglia

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Recording and Mastering
Julien Lamaze
Léo Spiritof
@ Studio Klein Lebereau, Single Bell, Staccato Studio, Studio Aurelia.
Marion Bornaz & Damien Brailly
Anne-Marie Pappas
Executive Production
Julien Princiaux

luci e guai


Released on April 2, 2021.

“Luci e guai, the first album released by Airfono in April 2021. The track, ‘Light and confusion’, has a procedural quality and seems to say that nothing is ever as simple as it seems, in language as well as in music. In other words, this song is the perfect way to weave together all the threads tha make up the complexity of a personality, from jazz to song, from the day before yesterday to tomorrow, from here to elsewhere.” Jacques Denis

Julien Lesuisse : vox, saxophone
Cyril Moulas : guitar
Mathieu Felix : bass in the album (for the live shows : Brice Berrerd)
Bruno Duval : drums

Composed and written by Julien Lesuisse except La Vicaria (G. Ganduscio) et La Virrinedda (L. Capuana)

luci e guai

1. Mano d’Oro
2. La Vicaria
3. Conca d’Oro
4. Quetzacoatl
5. Ciatu di lu Margiu
6. Chi ci Talia ?
7. Lo Nilo
8. La Virrineda

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Label Airfono
Distribution L’Autre Distribution
Rercording Julien Lamaze (Little Big Studio, Le Versoud – 38)
Mix Antonin Le Gargasson
Mastering  Julien Lamaze
Artwork Felix Vincent
Photo Marion Bornaz