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Cie Haut les Mains

Puppet & music


Lisa Dufour
+33(0)6 30 66 59 50

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Haut les Mains company was born in Lyon in 2007 under the leadership of Franck Stalder.

Franck Stalder himself creates the puppets he manipulates on stage. Its main handling system is atypical: an organization of rods, threads and sticks, accomplishing mixed recovery and novelty, which accompanies the puppet in a great autonomy.

The first performances of the company are without words: music accomplishes a large part of drama.

In Choses & Autres (2015) and Contre Mémoire (2018), the word appears under the pens of Jacques Prévert and Pierre Dodet, and the puppets grow to almost human size.

For each new creation, Franck Stalder surrounds himself with musicians and actors of various horizons, bringing a unique sensibility to each of the artistic propositions.


Contre Mémoire
Choses et Autres
Accord Caboche
Histoire Papier


Contre Mémoire

Creation 2018

Contemporary & puppet theatre
For all audiences from 12
Duration : 1h15
This show is not available on tour anymore

Mr. Henri is old. He manages with his body, with his age. An old person’s life.
The memories come, so Mr. Henri remembers. The thoughts are wandering, so Mr. Henri gets busy.
He cheats boredom. And since he is alone, he says nothing. There may be something he does not say, Mr. Henri.

Contre Mémoire invites you to follow for a day the inner tribulations of a puppet. Surrounded by four interpreters-manipulators, a mirror is presented: What is the result? Did his life always give him a choice? What did he do with his ability to choose?

This is a progressive show, where the shadows of the present rub shoulders with the figures of the past, in a moving universe, at the will of the character’s internal struggle.


Franck Stalder puppet handling
Caroline Demourgues plastic creation, acting
Pierre Dodet text, acting
Pierre Lordet music
Guillaume Tarnaud
& Cyril Gilibert
set design

Original idea by Franck Stalder
Collective directing with the assistance of Brice Berthoud & Jonas Coutancier
Les anges au plafond company
Florent Hermet photos


Le Train Théâtre – Scène conventionnée chanson/Scène Régionale, Portes-lès-Valence (26).
Office de la Culture et de l’Animation de Bonneville (74).
Association Kiteus
, Tournon-sur-Rhône (07).

Financial supports

DRAC Auvergne Rhône-Alpes
Conseil Départemental de la Drôme


Creation 2017

Puppet poetry
For young audiences from 6 months, immersive show for 30 spectators
Duration : 25 min

At night Goldfish dream — They fly! ” Madoka Mayuzumi

Listen to the silence that precedes the storm. Be on the lookout for the slightest rustle. Watch the weather and recognize the beauty. Through haikus (short poems, Japanese), Temps offers us a visual, musical and sound journey through the seasons until the migration. Contemplate a parade of paintings as so many poetic bubbles to blow and contemplate.

The show is designed especially for young children. The viewer can feel rather than understand. He will need all his senses to walk through the show. This sensory approach allows everyone to receive this creation, depending on their age, their experience, and their origin.

Temps is a poetic bubble whose narration is offered in filigree. Over a cycle, this show plunges the public into an acoustic and pictorial bath.


Franck Stalder
direction & puppet handling
Zakia En Nassiri
flute & sound design
Emmanuelle Joubier
Florent Hermet photos
Antoine Asselineau video


Association Kiteus,
Tournon-sur-Rhône (07)
La Bobine, Grenoble (38)
Maison Pignal,
Livron-sur-Drôme (26)
Conseil départemental de la Drôme (26)


Lisa Dufour
+33(0)6 30 66 59 50

Choses et Autres

Création 2015 (in french)

Une mise en marionnettes et contrebasse de textes de Jacques Prévert & de Pierre Dodet, auteur contemporain.
Tout public, à partir de 7 ans
Durée : 50min

Prévert ce sont les récitations apprises, sues, puis oubliées… Ce sont aussi des cris d’alarme toujours d’actualité. La vie, l’amour, la guerre, le travail… des sujets tellement banalisés que nous en avons oublié la force, la beauté, l’atrocité et l’absurdité.
En jouant sur le passé et le présent, en donnant vie aux textes par la marionnette, l’objet, la musique, ce spectacle veut raviver les mémoires et faire rêver à nouveau que demain ne soit plus hier.

Les textes de Prévert ont été choisis pour leur beauté, leur engagement, leur profondeur et leur drôlerie. Les textes de Pierre Dodet sont des traits d’union entre les thèmes abordés, résonances ou réponses aux textes de Prévert. L’ensemble est une poésie accordée, un recueil vivant.


Franck Stalder mise en scène, manipulation & jeu
Florent Hermet contrebasse
Pierre Dodet textes & regard extérieur
Anthony Lopez création lumière
Coline Linder illustrations de “Chanson du vitrier”
Aurélie Croissant visuel (l’oiseau)
Laetitia Gessler photos
Antoine Asselineau vidéo


Lisa Dufour
+33(0)6 30 66 59 50

Kit presse

Accord Caboche

Creation 2011

An inseparable duo of a puppet and a musician
A silent show for all audiences from 3.
Duration: 25min

Caboche : coll. french noun. Head ; strong headed, stubborn, obstinate person

High like two-eighths notes, with an offbeat personality, he is woodenheaded with suspenders and derserves an earful. His partner, a bespectacled major, a treble clef of a dissonant musical score, puts a damper on the tempo.

An obstinate chord, moderato played pizzicato.
A triple time duo, wonky like changes in pitch.


Franck Stalder
direction, puppet handling
Thierry Nicolas music
Florent Hermet photos
Yann Lebailleux video


Lisa Dufour
+33(0)6 30 66 59 50

Histoire Papier

Creation 2009

Puppet, music, shadow puppets and musicians
A silent show for all audiences from 5.
Duration: 45min

The office of an absent writer, piles of books, a typewriter and a wastepaper basket overflowing with crumpled drafts. A chiaroscuro where time seems to stand still.

A ball of paper comes to life out of nowhere and searches in the pile of books for its origins and its identity. With childish innocence and curious eyes, it leafs through thick volumes and is enchanted by the magic of literature. On its voyage of discovery it continuously collides with boundaries that it cannot break through.

‘Histoire papier’ is a heart-warming, intimate puppet show that balances between the poetic and the burlesque, between innocence and mischievous tricks. A double bass and an accordion give a voice to the performance.


Franck Stalder
direction, puppet handling
Caroline Demourgues
puppet handling, narration
Julien Cretin accordion
Florent Hermet
double bass & photos
Antoine Zerroudi video

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Lisa Dufour
+33(0)6 30 66 59 50