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La curieuse
Why la Curieuse * ?

Because the artists gathered here are not alike.
Because they all offer very singular universes.
Because they defend, with exigency, artistic objects, which basically speak of the same thing — the desire for meetings, experiments, attempts.
It is for these reasons that we wished to invite all these curious characters to the same table.
And there will be something for everyone.
Large, small and medium, lovers of music, texts, theater, puppets, street performances . . .
For those who have an angled head and those with smooth hair.
Look through the keyhole:
Welcome to La Curieuse!

* La Curieuse = The Curious

The association La Curieuse was created on April 14, 2011 to promote current artistic creation and to support artists whose creations show imagination, originality and relief. Its main activity is the production & distribution of live shows. The association also defends projects of cultural actions through dissemination or through participatory creations. Finally, it develops an editing component, by supporting groups in their phonographic production.

la Curieuse’s board :
Vincent Tournoud President, Antoine Lopez Treasurer & Aurélie Croissant Secretary


la Curieuse
Our office
15 rue des écoles
26120 Chabeuil
+33 (0)4 75 55 38 31
Christine Carraz
Booking, production
+33 (0)6 20 32 63 69
Tib Gléréan
Booking, production
+33 (0)6 60 68 26 08
Marion Julien
Booking, production
+33 (0)6 84 30 19 49
Sébastien Duenas
+33 (0)4 75 55 38 31
Mélanie Scherer
Communication, production
+33 (0)4 75 55 38 31
Clarisse Temporal
Touring administration
+33 (0)4 75 55 38 31
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To support La Curieuse is to participate in the development and accompaniment of great artists, all happy and curious!
It is joining the energy of a collective that moves, dreams, races and helps each other!
It is to bring its stone to the building and say to us out loud: Keep going!

Therefore, thank you.